About Us

The name Kimia has its origins in Persian culture and stands for uniqueness.
In its original translation, Kimia refers to the unique substance alchemists sought ti create gold.

Its uniqueness is our expertise.

With over 20 years of experience in project and event management,
both on the agency and company side of the table
we are familiar with both perspectives and focus on the individual needs of our clients.
This expertise manifests itself not only in the implementation of our claims, 
but also in the selection of our employees and our service providers.

About the founder:
Katja Amiri began her career as a buyer in a fashion boutique in Münster in 1999. 
In 2000 she joined TITUS, Europe's largest multichannel provider for skateboards & streetwear, as a buyer and later as head manager for photo productions, promotions and advertising material production.
When her clients started looking for a good production agency, Katja founded Kimia Productions in 2006

Her vision: to offer the customer more than just a service.
A full service agency, with a feel for the brand and always within budget.

"It's always a drama with agencies," said one of her clients at the time. "The models, promoters or hostesses never look like in the pictures and there is no focus on politeness or a hands-on mentality. Production agencies promise to stay within the budget, but in the end, there are extra costs." 

Katja had these same experiences and she wanted to change that. That is why Kimia still offers tailor-made solutions combining perfectionism and creativity.

In the meantime, a highly motivated team works to personally accompany the more than 300 clients who have so far received support in a wide range of services: photo and video production, event production, fashion shows, promotions, roadshows, event staff, models, castings, incentives and sales meetings.

Kimia has offices in Berlin and Barcelona and produces in Germany and Spain.